April 30th, 2013
by Dan Delaney

Saintsations-New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders


These are by far the most beautiful cheerleaders on any NFL sideline.

Wikipedia says;

The Saintsations are a cheerleading and dance squad that performs at New Orleans Saints football games. The Saintsations are involved in several community projects, and the squad is featured each year in a special swimsuit calendar.

The New Orleans Saints had two different sets of dance teams prior to the Saintsations: From 1967-71, the original Saints dance team went by several different names including the Lousiannes in 1967 (which was changed to the Saints Dancers after one pre-season game for that name had been copyrighted by a Louisiana-based high school), the Mademoiselles in 1968, and the Mam’selles from 1969-71. The roster size averaged 48 active dancers per year (up to 12 “reserve” dancers).

The original dance team was put together by Tommy Walker, the long-time entertainment director of Disneyland who worked for the Saints during the 1967-70 football seasons. His choreographer was Phyllis Nelson, New Orleans based dance instructor and voice coach who worked as a film actress for RKO pictures in the mid-1950s, was Miss New Orleans USA in 1954, and was a frequent on-air personality at WDSU-TV in the 1950s. Mrs. Nelson was also team director from 1969–71, replacing Joannie Husser (1967–68). In 1968, Mrs. Nelson was assisted in the months leading into the season by Tommy Mahoney, a long-time Hollywood choreographer who worked with Tommy Walker at Disneyland. Mr. Mahoney helped stage numbers for the dancers at their practice studio which was the U.S. Naval Reserve Training Center on Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans. Once the season started, Mahoney focused on helping Walker with the production of pre-game & halftime shows. One of Mr. Walker’s assistant entertainment directors was Rhonda Shear, who became a popular TV commercial actress in New Orleans before becoming a national TV star primarily thanks to the USA Network’s “Up All Night” series that ran in the 1980s and 1990s. Rhonda worked in her capacity with the Saints for most of the 1970s, prior to that Rhonda was a Saints Mam’selles dancer in 1970 & 71.

Saints dancer Sandra Labourdette (1967–70) was the original dance team’s captain and later became the first Saintsations choreographer (1987–93).

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